Why the name Rogue?

Anna Paquin plays Rogue in the X-Men movies

The Rogue in Rogue Translations refers to Marvel’s character Anna Marie aka Rogue, a kickass mutant heroine. The two stripes of white hair are her most remarkable physical feature, a feature we share, which is how the dual hair strands came to be a part of the logo.

If you don’t know Rogue’s story…

Feared for her power, she ran away from home as a youngster, and while it’s never stated how she came by her nickname Rogue, I believe she chose a fearsome name so she could gain confidence from it. It’s the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants which finds her first, so she’s starting out as a villain although she has a good heart, but she later sides with the X-Men, and is now a trusted and valued member of the hero team.

Rogue inspired me to go my own way…

… fully commited to every bump in it for me to stumble, and every wall of stones I have to climb over, take down, or rearrange to move forward.

During my year abroad, at the age of 16-17, I didn’t just trim my language and people skills for any possible future reference on my résumé, I also found that I wanted to work with the English language professionaly. I used Rogue the first time in my penname back then, and because my hobbies and my career both revolve around English in text and speech, and I’m equally passionate about them, I wanted to show that in my screen names. So even if it is uncommon, I adapted Rogue into my blog name as well as my professional name.

ROGUE represents my passion for my profession, and my commitment to every project.