Translation and Proofreading

English-German // German-English

using MS Office, Libre Office, and the CAT-Tool Across

  • homepages
  • e-mails, letters, flyers, etc.
  • presentations (i.e. Powerpoint)
  • tutorials, help texts, etc. for software

Language Exchange

I’m always looking for a good conversation. I’ll be happy to be your language exchange partner by the hour (i.e. via Skype) if

  • your native language is English, and you want to improve your German
  • your written English is very good, albeit not your native language, and you want to improve your spoken English
  • your native language is German, and you want to learn or improve your English

The difference in our time zones will influence the price.



  • WordPress Themes and Plugins
  • with PoEdit

And how much is it?

There are several ways to go about price, the most common being per standard line, or by the hour. It also depends mainly on what you give me to work with. It’s best if you

> Request a no obligation quote: info [at]