Terms & Conditions

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Translator vs. Interpreter

Translators work with written text,
anything from literature and manuals to contracts, info leaflets, and print on packaging. The range is wide, so translators often specialize in only a few fields of expertise, i.e. law or medicine, or even certain sub-fields, to ensure high-quality translations for clients.

Interpreters work with spoken text,
the most common example would be at international conferences, where you get to hear the live speaker over headphones in your chosen language. However, they are also often needed by immigrants with doctors, or even at court.

Note: I’m a translator, not an interpreter. Many translators often also work as interpreters, and vice versa, but in that case they will always mention both.

Project Criteria which influence the price:

  1. type of text, i.e. newspaper article or manual
  2. length of text
  3. subject, i.e. law or technical
  4. delivery date / time pressure
  5. language combination
  6. time needed for research
  7. time needed for converting / formatting